Friday, February 14, 2014

What is a 'Bodhisatta'? How many types are there? What are the requirements to become a 'Bodhisatta'?

The term ‘Bodhisatta’ (or 'Bodhisattva') means a would-be Buddha, or a future Buddha, in other words, someone with all the exalted spiritual perfections leading to supreme enlightenment, and destined to achieve Buddhahood. There are three types: those leading to Arahat Bodhi, those leading to Pacceka Bodhi, and those leading to Sammasambodhi.

In the case of all three types they must achieve enlightenment through emancipation and the liberation from worldly bonds. To become a Savaka Bodhi one sacrifices material possessions and their pleasures for the welfare of others. To become a Pacceka Bodhi, in addition to this, one sacrifices parts of the body for others. To become Samma Sambodhi one also sacrifices one’s life.