Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Know - Almost Another Year's Gone By

Hello everyone, and thank you for your patience.

My year following the last post here (March 2016) has revolved around a number of elements:

  • having a gall bladder operation
  • having another operation in July for colon cancer
  • returning to Australia for chemotherapy treatment, which should be complete next month
All in all, not a situation conducive to posting on this site.

However, there have also been some small blessings:
  • I've spent many months back with my family
  • I've used some of the time to study the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and to commence a mindfulness practice
  • I've made a few Plum Village sangha contacts locally
  • I've found a new teaching role starting in mid-March based in Bali, Indonesia.
Naturally, I'm hoping that this will be beneficial to my recovery, less stressful than some previous positions, and a location filled with opportunities to learn a new culture and experience life on another island.

Once I'm re-established there, I will do my best to keep adding interesting and informative posts. In the meantime, I'm including further photos on my "Buddha Images" page, based on my final months in Taiwan.

Blessings, and a lotus for you. Greg.