Friday, February 21, 2014

How many types of Buddha are there? What are the pre-requisites for becoming these different types of Buddha?

There are three types of Buddha: Arahat Buddha, Pacceka Buddha, and Sammasambuddha.

All three are born human with the highest virtue and supernormal wisdom, they develop from being a Bodhisatta, develop spiritually over countless aeons, and are motivated by compassion.

The first is a disciple who perfects the Paramis over hundreds or thousands of lives, achieves the pre-requisites for becoming an enlightened being, meets the Buddha or a disciple, hears the teaching, grasps the teaching of the four Noble Truths and becomes an Arahat.

The second fulfils the 10 Paramis over two cycles, appears when the teachings are lost and beings are living in ignorance, becomes enlightened on their own, and lives in seclusion as a hermit.

The third fulfils the 10 Paramis over three cycles, becomes supremely enlightened by hearing and understanding the Dhamma from previous Buddhas, enlightens others and makes significant impacts on world history.