Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yatra in India - Day 6: Sick in Kushinagar

Thursday 26th January, 2012: (Tour Day 6)
Disaster struck today (India National Day). I was too sick to travel to Nepal, so I missed seeing Lumbini (where the Buddha was born), staying at the hotel instead. Sadly they charged me 4,500 rupees for the room and another 1,200 rupees for the taxi back to the train station that night (totalling US$154). Since I didn't have enough cash, and they didn't accept credit cards (how strange is that?), they took me by car to the nearest ATM machine several kilometres away. I also attempted to see the same doctor later, but the clinic was closed for the holiday.
My taxi got me to the train station at 20:00 and the driver rang the tour contact to advise this and confirm where I should wait. By 22:00 I was getting worried that I might miss the train (it was scheduled to leave then). Fortunately, at 22:30 someone turned up and got me on board - the last passenger to do so.