Monday, October 10, 2011

My Other Tweets to Date

RT @dhammalinks: Remember to be kind and have compassion for your self today. _/_ I need to remember this too. 3 Oct via HootSuite
RT @theradhamma: With giving, we can let go of greed. With patience, we can dissolve hatred. With wisdom, we can sweep away ignorance. 24 Jun via HootSuite
When I take the time just to be me, I'm doing the world a favour, not just myself. 21 Mar via HootSuite
Remembering the art of living & taking time out for discovery. RT @tinybuddha: In Defense of Wasting Time 21 Mar via HootSuite
RT @theradhamma: In the wise and gentle heart lies the strength to change the world. 21 Mar via HootSuite
RT @wanderingdhamma: A report on the new Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Archives in Bangkok: Wonderful resource! 24 Dec via HootSuite
Reading: Deepak Chopra "Buddha - A Story of Enlightenment" 21 Oct via HootSuite
RT @sujato: A Swift Pair of Messengers: Incisive examination of Buddhist meditation's two main approaches. 21 Jul 10 via HootSuite
RT @RevDannyFisher: Bhikkhu Bodhi: “Towards an Integral Model of Buddhism”: 30 Jun 10 via Twitter for iPhone
@DhammaLinks If there is actually 'no self' then what is a 'who's who' in Buddhist terms? Perhaps a 'no-one's nobody'? lol 20 Jun 10 via web
RT @BuddhistBuzz: Bhikkhu Bodhi - Intro to Buddhism - Free Download: Highly recommended, scholarly, good listening mp3 18 Jun 10 via HootSuite
@monkforamonth God/no God speculation irrelevant to overcoming dukkha and reaching Nibbana, so we should let it go. It's not useful. 30 May 10 via HootSuite
@monkforamonth Also, I thought gods were impermanent & subject to change/dukkha. If true, how come this God's been around so long? 29 May 10 via HootSuite
@monkforamonth Buddha also taught life is coming together of 5 aggregates. Didn't think it an act of creation by God. Sounds more Christian! 29 May 10 via HootSuite
@ monkforamonth Don't get how DL can say this life is created by God? Buddha taught can't see beginning of samsara; no soul; impermanence. 29 May 10 via HootSuite
@Buddhism_Now Yes! Questions about "I" are based on a misunderstanding of our nature & our task. Great tweets! 22 May 10 via HootSuite
@newsbuddhism What has God (Kansas City Star) have to do with Buddhism? We should not propagate ignorance - there's enough around already. 20 May 10 via HootSuite
RT @DhammaLinks: HH 17th Karmapa to reinstate full female ordination in Tibetan tradition Come on Theravada! #buddhist 16 May 10 via HootSuite
RT @Buddhism_Now: If you want to see the nature of impermanence, buy a bar of chocolate. Zen Graffiti. Sweet wisdom! 15 May 10 via HootSuite
Ajahn Brahm’s response to ‘The Time Has Come’ - A little while ago i posted the new article called The Time Has Com... 11 May 10 via HootSuite
RT @DhammaLinks: RT @nessie111: Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. 2 May 10 via HootSuite
Pls sign petition to preserve Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace) & wld. heritage site. Go to Sent from 21 Apr 10 via web
@Buddhism_Now Depends on meaning of "Dharma". If mean universal laws revealed by Buddha, then yes. If mean TV, MY,VY scriptures, then ???. 8 Apr 10 via NutshellMail
@sujato Re Buddhist jokes. How about a Zen joke: What is the difference between a duck? 7 Apr 10 via web
Seeks non-ethnically oriented, non-metaphysical, lay-centred Buddhist group based on original core Pali teachings for Westerners. Thoughts? 24 Mar 10 via web
@Buddhism_Now Buddhist theory of causation says that every thing must have preconditions for its existence. (Gunasekara, in Basic Buddhism) 19 Mar 10 via twitgether
@Buddhism_Now Am I wrong, or does Buddhism teach that there was no beginning? I thought this was a Christian concept. Please clarify for me. 18 Mar 10 via twitgether
@sudam09 @joe_bower Actually ignorance only builds ignorance in the individual concerned. Don't forget we each have the ability to chose. 3 Mar 10 via Seesmic Web
How about that first breath as we wake up and gain awareness in the morning? Isn't that worth a short time in mindfulness? 26 Feb 10 via Netvibes