Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anapanasati 3

Mediation in chair
The samatha techniques provide us with training in concentration and single-pointedness, so they will also bring some tranquillity. While ultimately it leads beyond suffering and fear, in the short term it helps us face life’s immediate problems more gently.

All of these techniques are based in reality, rather than using visualisations, religious ideas or other special attributes. In this way we will learn to face reality without fear and use our experiences to open ourselves to insight.

Since meditation requires all of our attention and energy, it is not a time for deep thinking. We should recognise the importance of making our sittings successful, while leaving disccusions of issues and other thoughts to times outside of meditation. Please remember that these sessions are very important and our time on the cushion should be used efficiently. In this way, we will have more that is useful to offer society.