Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yatra in India - Day 7: Gonda to Agra

Friday 27th January, 2012: (Tour Day 7)
After arriving at Gonda train station, it was another long 65 km bus trip to Shravasti. Here I saw:
* the Jetvana Vihara (where the Buddha gave most of his discourses and spent 24 rainy seasons in residence) within Jeta’s Grove
* Pakki Kuti (a stupa commemorating Angulimala)
* the Anand Bodhi tree (an offspring of the Bodhgaya one) and
* Sehat Mahet
Following lunch, we visited the local Vipassanâ centre run by Buddhist nuns from Thailand. They were very strict - no photos inside, a very long barefoot walk to the main building, washing the feet on arrival, etc.). However, they had a beautiful meditation hall and I was able to sit for about twenty minutes in peace.
We then spent two hours returning by bus to the train for dinner and a sleep ahead of the 450 km trip overnight to Agra.