Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yatra in India - Day 5: Kushinagar

Wednesday 25th January, 2012: (Tour Day 5)
I didn't sleep much on the train, so I felt quite weak after arriving at the hotel in Kushinagar. As there was some free time in the morning, I slept a couple of hours and then went to see a doctor at a local hospital. It is a charitable Thai Buddhist centre run on donations and offering free treatment to all. The doctor gave me four different tablets to take, including antibiotics, and charged only 45 rupees (less than US$1). I managed to walk around the Matha-Kuar Shrine (housing a 10th century bluestone Buddha statue from Gaya) and the Mahaparinirvan temple (where the Buddha passed into nirvana) - thinking I was almost ready to join him! – and then walked back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. The temple, built in 1956, houses a great 1500-year-old statue of the Buddha resting in the lion’s pose. At dinner I had a small meal and gave in my papers for the Nepal visa. I was really hoping to feel better the next day.